Baby Showers Through the Ages | Brief History of Baby Showers

Baby Showers Through the Ages

Did you know that baby showers have been around since the earliest times? They weren’t the festivities that we know of today - with all the activities, and party favours - but they did celebrate the awaiting birth with a party and lots of gifts for the mom-to-be.
Although the tradition of the baby shower party got a start from ancient times, the idea of a baby shower has continuously evolved into what we know as a baby shower today. In this sense, baby showers throughout the different periods have contributed to what we know as a baby shower in today’s times.  So when exactly did the baby shower become the celebration we know today?
Here at, we’ve put together this article about the progress of the baby shower.

The Ancient Greek and Egyptian Baby Shower

Whilst the ancient Egyptians and Greeks did not hold a party in the form of a baby shower, they did observe certain rituals associated with upcoming birth and pregnancy. The celebrations for the pregnancy only took place after the birth, so it was more like a birth party than a baby shower. In this celebration, the new mom was honoured with a meal. Gifts were never given to the mom. 
The details about the celebration rituals for pregnancy of the Ancient Greeks and Egyptians are difficult to study in detail because in those times, it was a male dominated world.

The Middle Ages Baby Showers

Much like the Ancient Greeks and Egyptians, in the Middle Ages, celebrations about the birth were never about the mom-to-be but more about spiritual rituals.
The only festivity that took place was the baptism of the child one day after the birth, and even then the mom-to-be was never allowed to attend! But at least there were gifts! Gifts usually were silver spoons to the mom.

The Renaissance Baby Shower

After the almost non-existent party for the mom-to-be in the previous two eras, the renaissance ‘baby shower’ celebrations seems extravagant.
Whilst the rituals were still being done, family and friends showered the mom-to-be with gifts that included clothing for the baby, food, and paintings.

The Victorian Age Baby Shower

This is the era when the baby shower as we know it, started to be formed. 
Even though it was practise that a pregnant woman was not to be seen in public, new moms were typically honoured with a party after the baby’s birth. Over time, these parties began to include gifts, and started to resemble the modern day baby shower.

The Modern Baby Shower

Baby showers today keep the gift giving and celebrations, but they have entirely new features as well, such as a theme of the shower, and games or activities. 
These types of baby showers started to become standard during the baby boom era of the 1950s and 1960s.

The 21st Century Baby Shower

There are several changes between the 21st Century Baby Shower and the Modern Baby Shower. While traditional baby showers were considered to only have female guests, the 21st Century baby showers include men, co-workers as well as women.
The other most obvious change is the role of technology. Invitations are now designed and emailed, and in some cases, a virtual baby shower is held over a chat programme.
Baby showers have changed through the eras, but one thing remains: a birth of a child is a major life event that should be honoured…the question is though that what will a baby shower be like in 50 years?
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