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Planning the Perfect Baby Shower

If you have been requested to throw the perfect baby shower for a special mom-to-be, it’s crucial that you stay organised in order to keep all arrangements under control. The secret to being the perfect baby shower hostess is to prepare and plan everything well in advance.

We know that being the perfect baby shower hostess is stressful, but by being unprepared, you may land up running around at the baby shower sorting out details and not enjoy spoiling the mom-to-be on her big day.

But it doesn’t have to be stressful, especially not with aiding you! There is no right or wrong method of how to plan the perfect baby shower, but we hope these hints will make your planning easier:

Set the Date & Time

When considering the date for the baby shower, chat to the guests you really want to be there, such as the grandparents, and ensure that they have no prior commitments for that day. There’s nothing worse than sending out invitations, only to find that the most important people can't attend the party.

Set a Budget

Make sure that you have a budget in mind of how much the baby shower will be costing you, so that you don’t go over your budget when planning.

Decide on a Location

Before starting on a guest list, you need to decide on a place for the baby shower. You can host a baby shower almost anywhere, but ideally, the party shouldn't be held at the mom-to-be's house, as she will then have to worry about cleaning up before guests arrive and after they have left.

Make a Guest list

Being the baby shower hostess, you undoubtedly have a good idea of who you want to invite to share in the special day, so make sure that you prepare a guest list, complete with full names and email addresses. 
Once you have all the guests on your list, send out the invitations. Plan to send invitations out early enough to give the guests at least a few weeks' notice.

Decide on Food and Drinks

No baby shower is complete without food and drinks. So now is the time to decide on what you will be served at the baby shower. Remember to make sure that the mom-to-be favourite non-alcoholic drink is available!

Choose the Games and Party Favours

The fun part of a baby shower is to decide on the games and activities. A baby shower without a few games and activities is almost unheard of. Once you have decided on the entertainment, make sure that you don’t forget to get some prizes for the winners!
While not necessary, party favours are a pleasant touch to say thanks to all guests. So if you want to, make sure that you choose something special for the guests to remember the day by.


From this list, start preparing your baby shower checklist, make sure to include everything you need to do. Always think about how you can assist the mom-to-be. Ensure that on the baby shower day she will be able to relax, enjoy and delight in the love and support from her guests.







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