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Brunch Baby Shower
Author: Baby Shower Ideas   Posted: 08 October 2014


A Brunch Baby Shower is perfect for celebrating with the mom-to-be who considers brunch not just a meal but an essential meal. Celebrate with friends and family and enjoy a long, leisurely brunch-themed baby shower featuring her favourite food.
One advantage of a Brunch Baby Shower is that it is hosted at the prettiest time of the day. And good weather can help set a festive mood for the baby shower.

What is the best time for a Brunch Baby Shower?

Brunch is usually served between 10 and 11 am, and this is the perfect time to gather friends together to celebrate the mom-to-be and to host a classic baby-shower brunch.
While you can still offer the normal selections of a brunch, why not make it extra special with an array of seasonal foods? Whether you are throwing a summer, spring, autumn or winter baby-shower brunch, there are several fun offerings from each season to include. Incorporate the seasonal theme into the decorations as well and create a magical baby shower brunch for the mom-to-be.

What colour theme should I use for a Brunch Baby Shower?

Select a theme that coincides with the season, such as in Spring, select greens and yellows to enhance the season’s colours.

What type of food and drinks can I serve at a Brunch Baby Shower?

Foods for a brunch should be light, bright and fresh. Brunch should include eggs and with fresh herbs in abundance, making scrambled eggs is the perfect menu item.
Include fresh homemade breads such as biscuits, scones, or health breads served with butter or softened cream cheese. You can serve ice tea or freshly squeezed fruit juice in summer with coffee and tea for after brunch.

What is the dress code for this type of Baby Shower?

Casual is recommended, but as this is not a traditional baby shower, anything goes. 

What games are played at a Brunch Baby Shower?

There are a variety of creative games you can plan for a baby shower at brunch that will make the party memorable. First find out from the mom-to-be if she wants to play games, and if she agrees then be creative and host the best baby shower ever. Blindfold the mom-to-be, let her taste different flavours baby food and she has to guess the flavour. For each correct guess she can open a gift.


The Brunch Baby Shower is perfect for a second baby and if the mom-to-be is a bit older. Read our Milk-aholic Baby Shower article for more ideas and great tips.

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