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She's About To Pop Baby Shower
Author: Baby Shower Ideas   Posted: 08 October 2014


We all want to host the best party that pops – and with this theme you will have no trouble doing just that. It’s fun, funky, fresh and there are loads of ideas that will help you throw the coolest baby shower for that special mom-to-be.
If the mom-to-be is close to her due date this is the perfect opportunity to throw her a She’s About to Pop Baby Shower.

What is the setting for a She’s About to Pop Baby Shower?

With a She’s About to Pop party, your budget is your limit. Anything goes. This baby shower can work for small and large areas and as many guests as the mom-to-be wants. All you need is enough balloons for everyone! Be creative and hang the balloons all over and don’t forget to use dots of different sizes wherever you can.
If you’re planning the baby shower as a She’s About to Pop party, make sure that the mood is that of trendy and entertaining. After all, you want the guest of honour and the guests to enjoy themselves fully.

What type of venue is required for a She’s About to Pop Baby Shower?

The perfect venue would preferably be indoors, either at a home or a restaurant. If you can hire a venue that would also work, but remember if you’re going to use balloons, it’s preferable to do this indoors.

What time and date is best for a She’s About to Pop Baby Shower?

Summer months would work the best, as this funky theme is all about bright colours. The time is your choice as all the fun will start as soon as the guests start ‘popping’ in for this grand baby shower celebration!

What colour theme should I use for a She’s About to Pop Baby Shower?

As far as colours and patterns go, these are entirely up to you, and the mom-to-be preference! Polka dots are a must for this baby shower, but you can also mix these with stripes to create some more fun. Remember to try and make the colour scheme as vibrant, lively and bright as possible.

What decorations can I use for the She’s About to Pop Baby Shower?

When you think of the word “pop”, what do you think of? Balloons? Streamers and confetti, or Popcorn and Bubble-gum? Combine all these items into the baby shower and in no time you’ll have a fun-filled memorable baby shower.

What type of food and drinks can I serve at a She’s About to Pop Baby Shower?

When it comes to the food choices for this baby shower, your guests will eat until they ‘pop’! For a She’s About to Pop baby shower, this is very apt! Try and make fun food choices, such as cake pops, popcorn and small, bite-sized snacks that a guest can easily pop into their mouth.
The beverages are usually tea, coffee or fruit juice. If the mom-to-be doesn’t mind drinking some fizzy drinks, you can even serve these as ‘Soda Pops’. As pregnant mothers are unable to drink alcohol, get a bottle of sparkling grape juice to be served in mini champagne glasses for the guests.

What is the dress code for this type of Baby Shower?

This is not a traditional baby shower, so anything goes. Although it’s up to you to decide what the dress code will be, but we recommend casual.

What games are played at a She’s About to Pop Baby Shower?

Anything fun will fit in with the theme. You could have a POP quiz, and reward the winner with a prize. Or another cute idea is to host a balloon blowing contest and have guests try to blow their balloons to the exact size of the mom-to-be’s stomach. This list is endless, so get your creative juices flowing.


This type of baby shower is perfect if the mom-to-be loves modern, funky and fresh ideas. It doesn’t require a lot of preparation and it is a lot of fun for all. If the mom-to-be is a little older, or having her second baby, you can find great advice and ideas in our Bruch Baby Shower article.

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