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Bedtime Stories Baby Shower
Author: Baby Shower Ideas   Posted: 08 October 2014


Does the mom-to-be love literature? Then why not organise a Bedtime Stories Baby Shower. Here are some creative tips to help you get started in arranging this cute baby shower.

What is the setting for a Bedtime Stories Baby Shower?

This is a cute baby shower idea for all future bookworms. You can turn ordinary tables into beds by using a white tablecloth as the bed sheet and then inexpensive sheet (in the applicable genders colour) to look like a duvet. Then simply add a pillow, teddy and book to the end of each table, and your setting is set!
You could have all of the guests bring their favourite bedtime stories for the baby.

What type of venue is required for a Bedtime Stories Baby Shower?

Because a Bedtime Stories Baby Shower is normally a casual afternoon, the perfect venue would be inside so guests can feel cosy, and it would add to the bedtime ambiance. A restaurant that has a private section can work well too.

What colour theme should I use for a Bedtime Stories Baby Shower?

The colour theme is totally up to the mom-to-be. If she knows the gender of the baby, you can incorporate this into the Bedtime Stories Baby Shower, but try to use soft pastel colours.

What type of food and drinks can I serve at a Bedtime Stories Baby Shower?

Try and have the food menu link to classic books. Ideas of food that is perfect for a sweet and savoury menu include “Mary Quite Contrary” Garden Salad, “Peter Piper” Pickled Prawns, “Little Boy Blue” Blueberry muffins, etc.

What games should we play at a Bedtime Stories Baby Shower?

"Guess the Story" You can choose your favourite characters of different bedtime stories and place their names in a jar. Each guest gets a turn to read a name aloud, the person who can match the most characters with the correct story wins.

"Baby Bingo" is another game that can work great with this theme. Guests have to write down what they think the mom will receive and when that gift is opened, they can cross it off their bingo card. First person to cross out all words on their card, wins.


This type of baby shower is perfect to celebrate the mom-to-be's love of literature with a whimsical menu, awesome decorations, and plenty of fairy-tale fun. Another fun baby shower theme is our Around-the-Clock Baby Shower.

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