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What Will It Bee Baby Shower
Author: Baby Shower Ideas   Posted: 08 October 2014


A What Will It Bee Baby Shower is perfect to allow the mom and dad to-be, reveal the gender of the baby in a very special way. A gender reveal party is a lot of fun as it keeps the guests guessing right up until the last minute.

What décor should I use for a What will it Bee Baby Shower?

When thinking of the decorations, soft yellows and greys can create the perfect atmosphere.  You can also use flowers in soft pastel colours if you don't want to stick to only one colour. Make sure there are loads of bees hanging from the ceiling, on the tables and even on the Guest Favours.

What type of food and drinks can I serve at a What will it Bee Baby Shower?

One fun way to get all the guests involved, and to help with the catering is to get all guests to bring food and drinks that begin with the letter B. It will be very interesting to see how creative all your guests are!

What games are played at a What will it Bee Baby Shower?

A popular game for the What Will It Be Baby Shower is the Baby Food Guessing Game. With this game, jars of purity without labels are used. Guests must look at the contents on the jar and write down what they think the baby food is. The guest that gets the most correct answers wins a prize. You can be creative and make the prize a jar of honey.


This type of baby shower is perfect for when the parents-to-be doesn't know the gender of the baby or if they want to reveal the gender of the baby in a special way. If they know they are expecting a baby, you might want to consider our All Pink Baby Shower theme.

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