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Vintage Baby Shower
Author: Baby Shower Ideas   Posted: 08 October 2014


Vintage themes have a lot of possibility; it's a theme that works for any type of baby shower with a small budget. All you need to do is get creative and use the things you already have. A Vintage Baby Shower will give you the chance to get a group of small friends together to celebrate the mom-to-be and her baby.

What is the setting for a Vintage Baby Shower?

A Vintage Baby Shower is the definition of old-world elegance and charm. It is a small gathering of good friends, set in a traditional setting with a sophisticated atmosphere. It is all pearls and lace.

What type of venue is required for a Vintage Baby Shower?

A flawless match to the Vintage Baby Shower theme is to be outdoors. You will be able to create a lovely garden party feel for the Baby Shower. Place all the food and drinks on tables outside and let your guests help themselves.
But, if you decide to have the Baby Shower indoors, a sunny room, or an area with neutral colours will work well and create a nice backdrop for this theme. 

What time and date is best for a Vintage Baby Shower?

This type of baby shower is best during the warmer seasons, and the best time would be mid-afternoon when the trees create lovely shady spots to socialise under.

What colour theme should I use for a Vintage Baby Shower?

A neutral colour as the base works best, and from there you can add in soft yellows,  pinks or blues. Make sure that you dig out your grandmother’s old tea set, you can even mix and match a few sets to create the perfect scene and décor for the Vintage theme.

What type of food and drinks can I serve at a Vintage Baby Shower?

Plan your menu with your guests in mind, make sure that you know of any dietary requirements and also make sure the food is safe for the mom-to-be to eat. It is also essential when planning the menu, to choose food that can be made in bite sized pieces. A full sit down meal is not required.

Since this baby shower mostly takes place mid-afternoon, the beverage of choice is usually that of tea, coffee or fruit juice. As pregnant mothers are unable to drink alcohol, get a bottle of sparkling grape juice to be served in champagne glasses for the guests.

What is the dress code for this type of Baby Shower?

Laidback and girly is appropriate, so try flowing dresses and sandals. You could even go all out and ask that guests come dressed in vintage mode. They could don ladies accessories such as gloves, tiaras, pearls, shawls and lace hand fans.

What games are played at a Vintage Baby Shower?

Be creative and plan some fun games for all to join in. A celebrity baby name quiz can be fun, simply browse the internet for baby photos of celebrities, and then print them out and let your guests guess who the celebrity baby is!


This type of baby shower is perfect if the mom-to-be wants a relaxed afternoon in the company of good friends. It can be planned on a budget and it doesn’t require a lot of preparation. If the father wants to be part of the celebration, read our Couples Baby Shower article for tips

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