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Couples Baby Shower
Author: Baby Shower Ideas   Posted: 08 October 2014


A Couples Baby Shower can be a wonderful way for the excited parents to share in the celebration with family and friends, especially since they may not have much time to socialize with friends after the baby is born.

What is the setting for a Couples Baby Shower?

Anywhere will be popular, as long as it’s kept simple and casual. Plan your setting with the men in mind. Don't go wild with lacy, flowery decorations; even if baby's a girl! Keep things much simpler than you normally would.

What type of venue is required for a Couples Baby Shower?

Any venue will work but the trick is to keep it low key. Couples baby showers tend to be more like a small family party. There's less emphasis on the frilly stuff and more emphasis on comfort.

What colour theme should I use for a Couples Baby Shower?

General baby colours are always a great choice, try out some pastel pinks for a girl, or blues for a boy.

What type of food and drinks can I serve at a Couples Baby Shower?

This is the most important aspect of a Couples Baby Shower that you can plan. Cucumber and cream cheese tea sandwiches aren't going to work out at this Couples Baby Shower. After all, there will be men involved. So meat is definitely a good choice for the Couples Baby Shower food.
Have a Braai; any party that involves an open flame is definitely a party that a man would enjoy! Just make sure that you’ve stock enough as guys have a big appetite!
Just because the mom-to-be can't drink doesn't mean you should leave out the alcohol. Have some beer available just for the occasion.

What is the dress code for this type of Baby Shower?

Casual would be the order of the day, you don’t want the men to feel out of place. Make them feel relaxed in comfortable clothing.

What games are played at a Couples Baby Shower?

You can choose (or ask the expectant parents) if they want to play games or not. Often the baby shower games are not played and instead parenting advice is the replacement which makes for a fun Couples Baby Shower.


This type of baby shower is perfect if the mom-to-be wants the daddy-to-be to be involved. If you want to incorporate a traditional feel, read our article on Vintage Baby Showers.

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