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Traditional High Tea Baby Shower
Author: Baby Shower Ideas   Posted: 08 October 2014


Want the mom-to-be to be treated like royalty? Why not organise a High Tea baby shower, it is the perfect opportunity to get the girls together to have a pleasant afternoon, whilst having conversations over cake and tea.

What is the setting for a High Tea Baby Shower?

Generally, a High Tea is regarded as a somewhat small, intimate gathering of friends, with an air of sophistication. If you’re planning the baby shower as a traditional High Tea, make sure that the mood is that of total relaxation and good company.

What type of venue is required for a High Tea Baby Shower?

Because a High Tea baby shower is normally a casual afternoon, the perfect venue would be one with a lovely outdoors area under a shady tree, or even at home. Some restaurants are now serving High Tea and this can be perfect as well when you don't have the capacity to host it at your home.

What time and date is best for a High Tea Baby Shower?

This type of baby shower is best during the warmer seasons as you wouldn’t want to be sitting outside mid-monsoon! The perfect time would be mid-afternoon, somewhere between 2pm and 4pm, when the trees create lovely shady spots to sit under.

What colour theme should I use for a High Tea Baby Shower?

Pastel, Pastel and more Pastel. When choosing a colour scheme, try and stick with the softer colours, such as pastel pink and white. It will blend in with the mood of the afternoon.

What type of food and drinks can I serve at a High Tea Baby Shower?

Since this baby shower mostly takes place mid-afternoon, the beverage of choice is usually that of tea, coffee or fruit juice. As pregnant mothers are unable to drink alcohol, get a bottle of sparkling grape juice to be served in champagne glasses for the guests.
There’s really something so appetising about the food served at a High Tea Baby Shower. When deciding your menu, stick with finger foods as well as foods that are easy to eat whilst chatting over your cup of tea. A full sit down meal is not required. So on your menu can be anything from delicate sandwiches, to scones and jam as well as delicious pastries. When finishing off your High Tea, serve a platter of gourmet chocolates, this will leave your guests feeling peaceful.
This is also the best time to bring out your best china to serve these goodies on. It is after all a special occasion, so go ahead and dust off your best tea service.

What is the dress code for this type of Baby Shower?

Anything girly will go, so try dresses and heels. It’s the ideal time to dress up.

What games are played at a High Tea Baby Shower?

Games held at baby showers are mostly not played at a High Tea Baby Shower, but that said, one or two of the more common baby shower games can be played to keep your guests relaxed, happy and enjoying the festivities.


This type of baby shower is perfect if the mom-to-be would better appreciate a relaxed, small gathering of close friends. It doesn’t require a lot of preparation and it is a lot of fun for all. For a different take on the traditional baby shower, see our article on Bedtime Stories Baby Shower.

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